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3D FrankenPunks were created from the mind of “Dr. Ethvil” who took the unloved punk floor and decided to create an experimental NFT game.
To live, these punk monstrosities will need to be cared for by a group of do-good FrankenPunks and if cared for properly, they will be given control over the CryptoPunks monstrosities by Dr. Ethvil. Join us in the riskiest game in NFT history thus far…
100,000 combinations you could receive. Each with a distinct identity.
FrankenPunks Journey Begins
DR. ETHvil's Log:

I'm drunk. Need focus. Concoctions too mighty for humankind, but I’m close. Need a break. But I’m inspired. I’m Dr. Ethvil, after all. Perhaps I’ve tested too many acid vials on myself and tripping for no reason? I’m losing time, but what’s the rush? Oh, but there is rush. A rush for planetary domination. But how? Where can I test my vials? And on who? (smells breath). Damn… zombie butt. Wait, that’s it! I’ll wake up the dead. Or rather, dig up the dead and test my vials on them. Alas, I shall have my army of…FrankenPunks! Mwuhahahahaha! (burps) 

Soon, I’ll be the talk of the town. Artwork of my creations will pervade the WORLD. I will utilize my community. We shall govern together! Nothing in existence has ever been so unique, so genius, so reciprocal. Word will spread like forest fire. The most evil marketing campaign EVER!
FrankenPunks hit 50k followers on Twitter and 3000 Discord Members
DR. ETHvil's Log:

Giddy up, my dear Pickle, and stop your slobbering, you deplorable nitwit! Gather the other misfits! Pour the acid vials down their slippery gullets. Because the plan is set to spread my delicious evil to the citizens of Punksville. 

But, without one red cent from our pockets to pay wretched influencers who cast a darkness more evil than mine, we and the community of Punksville will usurp the throne of the NFT headspace and #notigang will thus commence. The entire user base of web3 will thirst for hunger as they motivate to join our beloved realm.
January 2022
Mint Date
DR. ETHvil's Log:

The day of reckoning is upon us. Haven’t slept in days. Don’t care, comb your hair. That’s my motto. Many experiments, many mistakes, but alas, I have achieved legendary status. My 10,000 FrankenPunk army is ready to be unleashed! So beware, or face the wrath of…. well, moi. Mwuhahahahaha.

The mint was a resounding success. Mother would be proud, but she’s dead. So, forget her. But, our empire has raised over 2000 Eth as a wildly successful experiment, and I’ve personally deposited over 850 ETH into the FrankenPunk community vault. AND, we, as a council, have purchased 4 Original CryptoPunks and secured a runway of 15-18 months to implement utility for our holders. My heavens, I could weep, but I don’t have any feelings, but, you get the idea.
Governance Released
I've done it. Well, we've done it. Even Pickle, that lovable numbskull. We have employed a shiny new mode of governance into existence; for the community and by the community. With over 850 ETH to carefully spend, proposals to scour and vote upon, the impact and direction of the FrankenPunk project experiment will be a hyperbole of significance. While still in its infancy, the project moves to disrupt and change how NFT experiments will entertain a new way of governance. Now, I drink, and possibly burp a lot. 

Let’s Franken Go!

“We were essentially the Instagram police and called out fake influencers left, right and centre. It was fun and all, but there is only so many bikini chicks you can look at on Instagram before you start losing your mind.”

Dan, Co-founder and CEO of Lumio

February/march 2022
3DFP Scales Team
Oh what a glorious day amongst days. I've abstained from swilling the acid vials, so good on me. (burps). Dammit! But, our Franken Family has grown exponentially! Yes, my trusted team of associates has expanded beyond Pickle and his wretched band of misfits. Where once there were five, now there are ten! (Originally eleven, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the acid vat incident. Curse’d lawyers!) 

With the addition of these newly hired Franken Generals, perhaps I will finally be able to sleep. Yes, sleep, so much like lovely death how I yearn for thee… But I digress! 

Perhaps you wonder, “Why oh why would the great Dr. Ethvil require the help of five more Franken Generals?”

While Dr. Ethvil does not “require” the help of anyone, certainly the hiring of a Director of Content, an Alpha Group Lead, more Community Managers and a Chief Operating Officer will help hastily bring about our grand design of victory over the Five Lands! 

Ethvil Out!
April 2022
Whitepaper 2.0/Website Update
The people have spoken. And against my initial desire to drown them in an ocean of their own blood, I have agreed in part to their wishes. Yes, I can be pleasant. Once a year, for one very long and generous minute of my life. Take it while you can get it. For it is the evil in me that calibrates the universe to my will. For, you see, it is from the pathetic mewling of these complaining peasants that a phoenix of brilliance has arisen to a height so high only a mind as great as mine could construct! Yes, a magnum opus the likes this world has never before seen —

My Whitepaper 2.0! Uh thank you, uh thank you very much.

And within these pages, what great secrets I have divulged! My first kingdom constructed - an NFT World Build-out! To boot, an announced airdrop of $WRLD to my loyal subjects! AND entertainment, along with future gaming utility! And lastly, a new interactive website release. Can you feel it, peasants? You should. I worked hard for this.

And because I am a generous dictator, let no creature, great or small, living or dead, say otherwise.
$WRLD Airdrop Snapshot Token
DR. ETHvil’s Log:

Some may call it an act of extreme generosity. Others may call it a bribe to stave off revolution. Eh, six of one, half dozen of the other. But what better way than to reward my most loyal subjects than with an airdrop?

Soon, a snapshot will be taken and all loyal holders will be accounted for. $WRLD token will be the lifeblood of my new NFT World kingdom, filled with gasless transactions and Minecraft-based mini-games galore! All my loyal FrankenPunks will receive $WRLD so that they can explore and expand our Punksville universe. 

Manifest Destiny Uber Alles!
APRIL/May 2022
“Punksville” NFT World Released & $WRLD Airdrop
Ah, my lovelies. The day of greatness has come at last. Today is the day that eclipses all others, for today our NFT World Metaverse goes live! And to celebrate, $WRLD will be airdropped to all my loyal subjects to be immediately spent on mini-games and to stimulate the economy for Frankenpunks holders and the broader NFT community. 

The little Ethvil in me wants to shout from the mountaintops with a Bing Bong Franken Song: Let the evil begin!!!!!